Changes to KY’s Political Landscape

On November 8, Kentucky secured what’s being referred to as a “trifecta” – a GOP controlled House, Senate and Governor’s Office. Republicans picked up a net of 17 seats in the Kentucky House and for the first time in nearly a century, have a supermajority of 64-36 and a new speaker in Rep. Jeff Hoover.

Check out the full list of those elected in this article from CN|2.

In Kentucky’s federal races, all incumbent lawmakers were re-elected or uncontested and a new Congressman, James Comer was elected to replace retiring U.S. Representative Ed Whitfield.

By most accounts, Kentucky’s landslide results and Donald J. Trump’s election as our 45th president were unexpected and leave many nonprofit leaders asking: what now?  There are any number of articles attempting to predict the impact of the presidential race on the sector.  The National Council of Nonprofits has created a great overview.

But we know that the action is in the states.  And for certain, it’s a different landscape now in Kentucky. As we prepare for the upcoming session of the General Assembly to convene in January, your state association is strengthening existing relationships and connecting with new legislators to ensure the sector’s voice and the needs of those we serve is heard.  We are mailing an information packet to new legislators to introduce them to the economic importance and vital work of our nonprofit sector (yes, this year, there are lots of packets).  We are also gearing up for KY Nonprofit Day at the Capitol on Tuesday, February 14 a fantastic opportunity for you to connect now with your legislator and  invite them to join us for breakfast.

KNN continues to lead the way for a unified sector voice by focusing on the issues that matter to nonprofits – protection of the charitable giving tax deduction; a regulatory environment that supports a transparent and responsive sector, but is not overly burdensome; ongoing efforts to streamline nonprofit contracts with state government that builds on the final recommendation of the Government Nonprofit Contracting Task Force; and more.

To be sure your voice is heard, we invite you to take our member survey.  Your feedback will inform KNN’s public policy committee as it develops legislative priorities for the 2017 General Assembly.  Please let us hear from you before the Thanksgiving holiday.

There is much we don’t know and yet, still a few things we are certain of. We know for certain that nonprofits touch the lives of every Kentuckian.  We know for certain that nonprofits are critical to the safety, health and joy of our communities.  And we know for certain that working through nonprofits, Kentuckians can reconnect with our communities and rediscover what binds us together. We know that’s when healing can happen and we can unite to move our nation forward.

More than anything, know that KNN stands with you.  Our sector will face challenges and benefit from opportunities in the days ahead, yet the experience will be different for many of us.  Being nimble, proactive, responsive and focused is essential. We appreciate you and are proud to serve as your state association – your partner.


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