Efforts to Improve Government Contracting Finally Underway

Great news!  The Government Nonprofit Contracting Task Force, created with the unanimous passage of HCR 89 in 2015, FINALLY held it’s first meeting today!

Please check out the press release to learn more.

This Task Force is important not only for organizations contracting with state government, but matters to all nonprofits and will result in savings of time and money that will ultimately benefit Kentuckians across the state.  A number of issues (including the recent special elections) delayed our start date, but we are ready to get to work to identify solutions to the unnecessary red tape and duplicative reporting that are keeping nonprofits from doing what they do best – serving Kentuckians.

The Task Force’s report of recommendations is due October 31.  A request has been made to extend this deadline, though statute requires a final report by December 1 (even if the extension is granted) – which means there is much work ahead and in a short amount of time..

Four nonprofit executives were selected to serve on the Task Force from a list of eight recommended by KNN.  These leaders will join me in communicating the issues facing our sector and are committed to actively participating with the Task Force to recommend solutions that will result in improved contractual partnerships – and ultimately improved services for Kentucky’s citizens.  I am grateful for their willingness to share their time and expertise!

I am also grateful for our KNN members who helped us get this resolution passed in 2015 and I urge you to stay engaged – we are just getting started and as the work of the Task Force evolves, I hope to hear from you.  If you aren’t yet a KNN member, now is a great time to join and stand with other nonprofits statewide to help us advance policy efforts that empower our nonprofit sector and strengthen Kentucky.

Stay tuned!

Danielle Clore
Executive Director/CEO

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