A List That’s Too Short

Normally, my lists are long – my work to do list, my personal to do list, my grocery list, my bucket list.  But this list is too short – and that’s not good.  The current list of registrants for Kentucky Nonprofit Day at the Capitol on February 17 doesn’t reflect the number of nonprofit leaders that, I’m certain, are committed to ensuring a unified voiced for our sector – especially with the opportunities we have to build on our 2015 momentum; introduce the work of the sector and it’s economic imp16325178129_a2f3ea4d3f_zortance to a new administration; and remind those running for re-election this fall that we are the state’s third largest industry and we vote.

If you happen to be on the fence about attending on 2/17, I hope to give you the little nudge you need to register.  It can be easy, especially when you are busy, to
wonder if showing up for events like this really matters. Well, it does. We need you there.  You need you there.  The sector needs you there. Kentucky’s communities need you there.
Please take time to register today. And if you’ve got a willing board member, share this excellent resource and bring them along for the road trip.

The list of legislators planning to join us on 2/17 is growing because they want to meet and hear from you.  They need to meet and hear from you – you are the experts on what matters.  And let’s not forget, many are running for re-election this fall…

We look forward to receiving your registration and making the list of nonprofit leaders coming together at the Capitol a longer one.  Let’s make this our largest gathering at the Capitol ever!



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