ICYMI: Taking Advantage of the Updates to KY’s Nonprofit Laws

Last week, we shared resources about House Bill 440, the Kentucky Uniform Unincorporated Associations Act. This long-overdue first step to modernize the laws governing nonprofits in Kentucky was among many new laws passed in the 2015 Kentucky General Assembly that become effective on June 24.

If you want to take advantage of these improvements to our laws and missed our email last week, you can download the summary from our website here. KNN members receive an enhanced summary that includes specific action items for implementation and access to a free webinar to learn more (simply use your members-only login on the KNN site to access these tools and let us know if you need assistance. If you are not yet a KNN member, it’s easy to join today and receive access to these additional resources!

Continued work on these laws is a KNN priority for the 2016 legislative session. If there are issues facing your nonprofit that you think should be addressed, please emailus@kynonprofits.org.

The successful and unanimous passage of House Bill 440 is an excellent example of KNN membership dues in action! Membership in your state association of nonprofits means your nonprofit stands with us and other KNN members to help us continue to successfully advance and protect our sector. You need us and we certainly need you!

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