Progress, Even on Snow Days

I have mixed feelings about all of this snow.  It is beautiful, but it has wreaked havoc on my to do list.  I wish I could tell you a snow break has allowed me to whittle my inbox down from its all-time high of 1,327 messages, but it hasn’t.

My kids and I are making fun memories with sledding and snow cream, but there are moments I am certain we’ll not survive another minute together in the same house

Then there’s the blessing and curse of technology.  I’m able to keep up with email, but I’m reminded that without consciously turning off my phone, I’m always “on,” even during igloo building.

And of course, in the back of my mind, I’m worried that KNN is running out of time on our legislative priorities in the 2015 General Assembly. I have to remind myself that the snow days are providing us with additional time to keep things moving.

The “control freak” in me finds these snow days disruptive, annoying, and frustrating – just like my inability to control and make sense of the many nuances and behind-the-scenes things at play in lobbying, many of which have little to nothing to do with the worthiness of the legislation.  So the side of me trying to lighten up, enjoy the ride, embrace new learning opportunities and live in the moment takes a deep breath, watches the beautiful red cardinal on a snowy branch outside of my window, and asks my kids, “Snow cream anyone?”

After all, the snow will melt, the 2015 General Assembly will come to a close and other items on the to do list remain.  I’m making progress…in more ways than one.

DC headshot 2013     10991348_1032818243411641_7437938271733242473_n

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