KNN Working on Passage of HCR 89 to Improve Contracting with Government

For ten years and counting, KNN leads the charge to bring nonprofits to Frankfort for our annual Kentucky Nonprofit Day at the Capitol. This year, as we grow our advocacy program for members, we have special news to share – KNN is proud to be actively working on and supporting our first piece of legislation! Please stand with us on this important work that impacts all nonprofits!

The concurrent resolution (HCR 89) would create a task force to improve nonprofit and government contracting.  This issue impacts many nonprofits directly, but also matters to our entire sector because it is an important start to needed discussions about how government and nonprofits work together.  Your nonprofit may not do business with government, but some day you may. More importantly, many of our nonprofits are facing many barriers as a result of unnecessary contracting issues, barriers that keep us all from working together to strengthen our communities. Make no mistake about it – all nonprofits are impacted by this issue.  I urge you to familiarize yourself with some talking points on HCR 89, contact your legislators and urge them to support this resolution.  Also, if you have a story about how issues with your organization’s state contracts have negatively impacted your ability to provide services, please let us hear from you!

We are proud to have Representative Addia Wuchner (R-Florence) and Representative Arnold Simpson (D-KY 65thDistrict) as co-sponsors of this concurrent resolution.  Wuchner’s experience in board membership with a number of nonprofits give her a first-hand perspective to champion this issue. She has also served on various task forces affecting education and poverty, and has been a health professional for 26 years. Simpson has vast experience serving on various house committees in addition to being a former city manager in Covington. The bi-partisan pair is well-equipped to argue our case for a task force to identify how we can better join forces with our state and local governments to serve Kentuckians.

KNN is also closely watching a bill that will modernize some of Kentucky’s business laws. This matters to all nonprofits in Kentucky because this bill includes several key clarifications to laws governing nonprofits. You may remember that in last year’s session, KNN was successful in working to stop passage of the KY Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act because the complete overhaul was developed with no input from the nonprofit sector.  Proactively, KNN convened a work group last fall that made its own recommendations for clarifying existing Kentucky law – without an overhaul.  These recommendations were posted to our website for your feedback and then shared with the Office of Secretary of State.  I’m proud to report these recommendations are the basis for the proposed clarification in this bill – a major win for our sector! 

Again, we are closely monitoring this proposed legislation and once it’s filed, KNN’s public policy committee will determine our position.  This legislation will affect how all nonprofits in Kentucky operate; stay tuned for more information as it develops!

KNN has long felt called to provide a strong, unified voice for nonprofits in Frankfort and in Washington, D.C., a calling that became one of the key reasons KNN transitioned from its home at the University of Kentucky to an independent nonprofit. With this transition, we are better able to enrich, protect, and advance nonprofits across the Commonwealth. We are honored to lead the way as your state association, but we cannot do it alone. Your voice is critical to protecting and advancing our sector!

I am, of course, sincerely hoping I will see you in Frankfort on Thursday, February 12 for our annual Day at the Capitol event. It will be a chance to meet the legislators sponsoring our work, connect with legislators in your district, and voice your support for HCR89 and other issues important to your nonprofit.  We look forward to sharing this milestone with each of you.

For those of you who cannot make the trip to Frankfort on February 12, I urge you to call/email your legislators and voice your support for HCR 89. Kentucky’s elected leadership is relying on you to tell them why it matters. They are relying on you to tell them how you are impacted. And they’re relying on you to tell them why Kentucky nonprofits need their support to better serve their constituents.

Please stand with us by joining us in Frankfort or by making a few phone calls.  Your support will strengthen all Kentucky nonprofits, one conversation at a time.

DC headshot 2013

Danielle Clore
Executive Director

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