Our untapped power

KNN just wrapped up our road trip of town hall meetings across Kentucky to talk about the economic importance of nonprofits.  In each and every meeting we held, nonprofit leaders were completely shocked to learn about the economic power of our sector – the untapped power of our nonprofit community.  What did you miss?

Well you missed a lot, but don’t worry – you can attend one of two town hall meeting sessions at the upcoming KY Nonprofit Leadership Forum on October 28-29 at the Lexington Convention Center to get up to speed.  We’ve also created this quick video that we hope you will post to social media and share with your nonprofit colleagues, board members, staff, donors and volunteers.  Finally, in preparation for election day on November 4, we’ve created these stickers that you can print and distribute.  We’re working on additional tools to help each of us get more informed and better engaged in communicating the economic importance and critical work of our sector.

There are several significant public policy issues facing the nonprofit community in the upcoming legislative session, so efforts NOW to understand our own value and create awareness and relationships with legislators and public officials are vitally important.  The bottom line is: KNN is YOUR state association and we simply cannot do this important work without you and other nonprofits standing with us – standing together.  Please become a KNN member, and if you are already a member, please take a moment to encourage your colleagues to stand with us today.

DC headshot 2013

Danielle Clore

Executive Director

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