Rankings – Sometimes They Matter

It can be easy to get caught up in rankings.  Sometimes they matter, sometimes they don’t.  In the world of sports, some folks live or die by rankings and others simply hope a high ranking isn’t a jinx on the season.  In the case of KY Gives Day, rankings meant prize dollars – so they mattered!

Kentucky’s rankings in lots of areas aren’t always positive – educational attainment, obesity, unemployment – we’ve had our share of good and bad news over the years.  But recently released rankings give us in the nonprofit world some marching orders.

First, a Gallup poll ranked KY 50th in charitable giving.

Second, recent data from the Urban Institute ranks Kentucky among the top offenders in major contracting issues among government and nonprofits.  Issues like midstream changes in government contracts and needlessly complex contract reporting requirements are costing government and nonprofits time and money at a time when resources are scarce and the needs are great.

The good news is that KNN and nonprofits across Kentucky are already hard at work on these issues!  Efforts like Kentucky Gives Day are working to encourage philanthropy and others across Kentucky are promoting volunteerism – all with a goal of strengthening our communities.  The infographic below shows how Kentucky Gives Day is growing and making a difference.  With regard to our contracting woes, KNN’s public policy committee has this on our radar and plans to work on legislation in 2015 that will bring nonprofits and government together to create solutions that save nonprofits and government (taxpayers) time and money without compromising accountability.  To plug in to KNN’s public policy work, be sure to sign up for our Advocacy Council.

Resources are essential to focusing nonprofit energies on meeting community needs, serving our most vulnerable citizens and enhancing our quality of life.  Increasing philanthropy and improving contracting relationships with government are just two areas that matter to all nonprofits.  Your membership and involvement with KNN will help us improve these and other rankings that matter to all of Kentucky!

DC headshot 2013

Danielle Clore

Executive Director


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