Escaping with Breaking Bad

I’ve just wrapped up watching the series Breaking Bad.  Whoa…

I have to admit, I’m not a big watcher of television and when I do, Breaking Bad is not the kind of show I would have normally been drawn to.  But with a cut back on cable and an interest in trying Netflix on our new Apple TV, I asked my Facebook friends what show they’d recommend.  Breaking Bad won hands down.  While some of the images and storyline gave me nightmares, I was fully engaged in the characters.  And with the beauty of Netflix on demand, I could get the kids to bed and watch multiple episodes.  I suspect I will forever see large duffle bags and wonder if they contain millions of dollars.

For certain, I’m not advocating that Breaking Bad is a series you need to check out for yourself.  And don’t worry, if you are watching it now – I absolutely won’t spoil it for you.  I am sharing my Breaking Bad experience because I realize on the morning after my final episode that I’m going to miss it.  I will miss escaping for one or two nights each week for a few hours into a world I will hopefully never know first-hand.

Yes, I suspect we’ll move on to some other television show our friends have recommended (right now, we’re leaning toward House of Cards and are open to other suggestions!) – but the point of this blog is to advocate for some kind of escape.  Every once and  a while, I think it’s good to check out of our reality.  Whether its television, a book, meditation, pinning recipes you’ll never cook on Pinterest, golf or whatever – I believe each of us needs time to escape and hopefully, in some way, recharge our batteries.

Post KY Gives Day 2014, I know I needed a break.  And you know that nonprofit work is stressful (I have to believe my husband when he tells me that work in the for-profit world is just as stressful).  So recharging our batteries in whatever way works best is important.  I believe it’s important for our work to serve communities and it’s important for our own well-being.  Burnout doesn’t benefit us as individuals and it doesn’t benefit the nonprofits and communities we serve.  So while I initially felt guilty watching Breaking Bad instead of wrapping up a proposal or report on a Sunday evening, now I don’t.  We all deserve time off.  We all NEED time off.

So, how do you recharge your batteries?  And what series do you recommend I check out next?

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Danielle Clore

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2 responses to “Escaping with Breaking Bad

  1. Sue Farmer

    My husband and I finished Breaking Bad a few months ago. Loved it too!! Same as you, I didn’t want think it would be something I would like, but I was captivated!! 24 is another good show. We love to “binge watch” good programs.

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