It’s Freezing, but KY GA ’14 Heats Up Today

Happy 2014! Though my fingers are freezing as I type, I’m looking forward to the weeks and months ahead – I just hope they are a little warmer. Like you, Kentucky Nonprofit Network, Inc. is kicking off 2014 with a full agenda.

For the short-term, we are working to get as many of you nonprofit leaders as possible to join us on January 30 for KY Nonprofit Day at the Capitol.  Every year, I say, “This is the most important year!” to let our nonprofit voices be heard. And every year, we see little action from our General Assembly on important issues.

So I say it again and urge you to consider:  if not you and me in Frankfort advocating for the work of nonprofits and those we serve – who will do it? I’m not sure how many more years Kentucky can continue to kick various cans down the road. And I’m not sure what it will take for folks to get active and engaged in these issues. But what I am sure of is that KNN can’t do it alone. We need nonprofit leaders – we need you – to join us on January 30 as a first step.

For the medium-term, we are working excitedly toward our second annual KY Gives Day – to be held Wednesday, April 9! If you participated last year or are new in 2014, we’ve got several webinars scheduled to bring you up to speed. During our 2013 event, over 300 charities from across Kentucky came together to collectively raise over $330,000 in just 24 hours.  We can’t wait to see what we can do in 2014.  The 24-hour online giving bonanza is only 91 days away!
For the long-term, KNN  is planning for a sustainable future – working to ensure a strong state association exists to serve you for years to come. We’re tweaking membership plans, implementing fundraising plans and strategically thinking through how we can best serve Kentucky’s nonprofit community with an increased emphasis on public policy.  Please let me hear from you if you have ideas, suggestions, praise or complaints.  You matter to us – as a KNN member, a donor, a fan of nonprofits.
May you personally be blessed with health and happiness in this new year and may your nonprofit be successful and effective in meeting your mission.  Now, let’s get to work!

DC headshot 2013

Danielle Clore

Executive Director


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