Somebody else’s problems?

Last week, I traveled to Pikeville to participate in the SOAR Summit.  It was a long trip (made even longer by the doe that jumped out in front of our car on the return trip home), but absolutely worth it.  The Summit was filled with discussion of the many overwhelming challenges facing the region, as well as optimism and excitement about the prosperous future that’s possible.  Nonprofit leaders were there in full force – demonstrating their incredible commitment to and passion for meeting the needs of their communities.  And as they have done for years, nonprofits were there taking the lead in proposing and implementing solutions.

You and I both know how easy it can be to say, those are Eastern Kentucky problems – they don’t impact me here in Lexington or Owensboro or Campbellsville.  Or to say, my nonprofit focuses on the arts – we can’t worry about these housing issues.  But I believe for our state to prosper, all regions must prosper.  And when one sub-sector of our nonprofit community is in trouble, I believe we are all at risk.  While I know each of us and our organizations have limited time and resources, we have to try to devote some attention to the bigger picture.

On our most recent Nonprofit Sector Advocacy Council virtual meeting, Dianna Ross of Sarah’s Place Women’s Resource Center in Sandy Hook said:

“As nonprofits, we’re all busy – but we have to make time to create a powerful voice for our sector.  The issues are just too important.  The future of our communities is too important.”

This space is not big enough for me to outline all of the local, state and federal public policy issues that could impact our neighbors and communities, as well as the threats facing our sector.  That fact is why it can be so easy for us to let “someone else” worry about it.  But if not you and me, then who is that someone else?  I urge you to get in the game – even just a bit .  Register for Kentucky Nonprofit Day at the Capitol on January 30, get more informed on the issues and/or sign up to participate in the Nonprofit Sector Advocacy Council.

There is much work to be done and much is at stake.   Is our Commonwealth up to the task?  I think so and KNN is anxious to do our part to assist where we can.  We know you are too and we are grateful to have you on our team!


Happy holidays to you,

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