Let’s do it again

About this time last year, I was in a panic because I was planning a Star Wars themed birthday bash for my son.  Small problem – I’d never watched even one Star Wars movie.  My blog provided caution about some resources on the Internet, as some of my Star Wars research had yielded some not so wise advice for my party planning (for example, it turns out – Luke and Leia ARE brother and sister!).

This year, my precious boy was ready to turn six and being big on themes in our house, I asked him what theme he’d like for this year’s party.  He replied simply, “Star Wars!  It was awesome!  Let’s do it again!”  Despite arguments from my eight year old that the same theme and games would be boring, he stood his ground and insisted there was no need to come up with anything new – last year was a blast.  He was adamant – let’s do it again.

We faced a similar dilemma recently with our planning for Kentucky Gives Day 2014.  While we will make some tweaks to improve on the opportunity for nonprofits and donors (not unlike the better design we created this year for our pool noodle light sabers at the Star Wars birthday party), we are absolutely moving ahead with the things that worked and worked well.   To quote my son – “It was awesome!  Let’s do it again!”

So save the date:  Kentucky Gives Day 2014 will be held on April 9!  We’ll be sharing additional details soon and hope even more Kentucky nonprofits will take advantage of this opportunity to raise funds for your mission along with other charities across the state in just 24 hours on April 9.

DC headshot 2013

Danielle Clore

Executive Director


P.S. We were thrilled to learn that some of our KY Gives Day 2013 work was  featured in the recently released Giving Day Playbook from the Knight Foundation.

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