Ask and Ask the Right Question

Regardless of what you or your nonprofit needs, one thing’s fairly certain – if you don’t ask for it, you aren’t likely to get it.   And if you don’t do your homework, strengthen your asking skills and ask the right question – you may get something, but not necessarily what you were looking for.

I’m not shy and most days, I’m not afraid to ask for anything.  But I’ll admit, I’ve had a few asks not go very well and the memories of these experiences can cause me to panic in certain situations.  One ask I’ll never forget – accompanying a board member on an ask for a major gift. It became clear that the board member who’d arranged the meeting hadn’t yet made his gift.  The prospective donor promptly told us to return to solicit him AFTER the board member had made his gift (multiple lessons learned on that ask).  I’ll also never forget an ask I was making of a supervisor early in my career – I actually apologized before asking!  Thankfully, my asking skills have improved, but I know I’ve got more to learn – it’s important professionally and personally.

We’re excited to bring Laura Fredricks back to Kentucky for our annual Executive Retreat on Thursday, July 11.  Laura is well-known for helping nonprofit staff, board and volunteers perfect their asks in the fundraising arena, as well as helping business leaders of all kinds develop their asking skills to ensure they get what they want.  This retreat will be held at the beautiful Equus Run Vineyards and will be a great day to learn, network with other leaders and recharge your batteries.

I look forward to learning from Laura and others at the retreat.  I hope you’ll dress comfortably and join me – it’s going to be a great day!

See you there!


Danielle Clore

Executive Director

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