Your stories deserve to be heard

As nonprofits, we likely think we are great at telling our story and the stories of those we serve.  But let’s be honest,sometimes we struggle to find the right balance or message.  Too warm and fuzzy, too depressing, too many statistics, not enough facts.  It can be tough to find a sweet spot, especially when different audiences can respond differently to messages.

Two critical opportunities to tell your nonprofit’s story exist right now, and I hope you’ll take advantage of both.

The first is an opportunity to share the importance of charitable giving and the impact of state and federal budget cuts, including sequestration, on your organization’s ability to achieve your mission.  KNN’s Advocacy Council is collecting these important stories to share with state and federal officials.  The impact of these cuts has hit many nonprofits and their communities hard, and more pain is on the way unless things reverse course.  Legislators and public officials need to hear real stories from the front lines – they argue there’s been little outcry.  Please help us gather this important information.

A more fun, but still important, opportunity to tell your story is by participating in KY Gives Day.  This 24-hour online giving event will bring nonprofits and Kentuckians together for a powerful day of fundraising.  To receive gifts, your organization MUST be proactive or your charity won’t be listed on the KY Gives Day website.  Claiming administrative access to your page is a fantastic opportunity to tell your story.  To be guaranteed that your nonprofit is included and able to benefit, you want to claim administrative access to your page by April 3.  Check out an upcoming or recorded webinar to get started and take advantage of this opportunity for our nonprofit community to raise as much money as possible in 24 hours.  Think of it as a nonprofit holiday you won’t want to miss!

Your nonprofit’s story is your most valuable asset.  It can raise funds, increase awareness, connect people and inspire action.  Please join with us to take advantage of these important opportunities to share the amazing stories of our nonprofit community and the lives we impact each day.


Danielle Clore

Executive Director


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