List of Lists

Happy New Year!  2013 is here for certain and there are lists everywhere – do’s and don’ts for the new year, lessons learned from the past year and even lists of lists we should be keeping for 2013.  Sometimes we keep them for the sense of accomplishment that comes with marking something off, and sometimes we keep them around simply for motivation.   I challenged Whitney, our communications coordinator, to share the best list of lists for nonprofits with you.


I have so many 2013 to-dos, I try not to think about them too often.  But I will tell you they contain some of the most exciting news ever for nonprofits across Kentucky!  Be looking for an announcement in the coming weeks, and, more importantly, put a big star on your calendar for Wednesday, April 24.


If you have a 2013 list, I hope yours is manageable and includes continuing your involvement with KNN.  We hope to remain on the list of memberships you value, your list of emails you read and your list of partners you call on.  We also hope your list for 2013 includes a little time for fun – maybe even a bucket list!  If you don’t keep lists, good for you!  Someday I hope to join you – I have put ‘stop keeping lists’ on one of mine.


Danielle Clore

Executive Director


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