Being Unplugged Can Be Good

I recently began my participation as a member of the 2012 class of Leadership Kentucky with an opening retreat in Jabez, KY.  If you’ve ever been to the Lake Cumberland 4-H Leadership Center, you know it’s beautiful . . . and remote.  Cell phone and internet service is spotty and I have to admit, my initial reaction of being “unplugged” for most of my visit left me more than a little anxious.

However, once I came to terms with my technological fate, took a deep breath and embraced my three-day reality, I also embraced the fact that this incredible experience and commitment to “unplugging” was an investment in me, and ultimately in the mission of KNN.  While our personal lives can be a juggling act and leadership positions in the nonprofit sector requires wearing many hats at once, this experience was a great reminder that investing in ourselves, recharging our batteries, connecting with our peers and learning ultimately do strengthen our organizations.

That’s why KNN has planned a one-day, mini-retreat open only to executive directors and CEOs on June 7.   Our morning session will cover the critical human resources skills that nonprofit executive directors need to successfully lead your organization.  Our afternoon will focus on effective partnerships with your board of directors.  We’ll have opportunities for networking at lunch and at an afternoon reception.  The confidential and relaxed setting will offer the latest in best practices and valuable discussion with peers.

Whether attending KNN’s mini-retreat on June 7, participating in a program like Leadership Kentucky or simply lunching with a colleague, I hope you will take time this summer to build your organizational capacity by getting out of the office and turning off your smart phone.   Like me, you might find that even simple opportunities allow you to recharge, be more effective and sometimes, by “disconnecting”  we actually better connect with others and ourselves.   Yes, we as individuals benefit.  But I feel certain, our organizations and our communities benefit as well.

Danielle Clore

Executive Director


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