We Love Our Nonprofit Sector!

I love our nonprofit sector!  I mean, I really love it – it’s more than just a schoolyard crush, it’s the real deal and I don’t care who knows it.

To help share the love on this Valentine’s Day, I’m playing Cupid to deliver three reasons we should all love our nonprofit sector:

  1. Nonprofits employ one in ten tax-paying Kentuckians.
  2. The US nonprofit sector is the nation’s third largest industry.  It’s 15 times larger than the US mining industry and 10 times larger than the US agricultural industry.
  3. Employment of the US nonprofit sector grew an annual average of 2% in the past ten years, while the for-profit sector lost jobs.

I know, these reasons to love our sector aren’t warm and fuzzy stories of mission impact and changed lives.  And while these stories are important to share and I hope you will keep telling them, these facts are important too.   If you love our sector like I do (OK, even if you like it just a little bit), I urge you to also share the love.  Help other nonprofits leaders and our communities understand the value of the work we are doing to improve the quality of life in our Commonwealth.  Share your own Valentine to our nonprofit sector – what do you love about our nonprofit community?  Comment below!


Danielle Clore

Executive Director


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One response to “We Love Our Nonprofit Sector!

  1. Here’s sending out a Valentine to all of the terrific folks who work in the non-profit sector in Kentucky and Indiana. The willingness to work together for the folks we serve runs rampant in our ranks. We invented collaboration!

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