Two Opportunities for You

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there are days when I worry that like I’m missing some big opportunities – sales at my favorite stores, breaking news, potential KNN members, big donors, yummy chocolate.  There are other days where I feel bombarded and overwhelmed with too much information.   I suspect you might feel this way too sometimes, so I wanted to be sure to let you know about two recent opportunities from KNN – just in case you missed them!

First, KNN recently partnered with LG&E and Kentucky Utilities to share information about their energy efficiency programs that are good for the environment and also good for your nonprofit’s bottom line.  If you missed the free webinar, you can download it now through 12/31/11.  It’s short, free, can be watched from your desk and is packed with information to help your nonprofit take advantage of great energy and money saving opportunities.

Second, if you aren’t a KNN Facebook fan or following us on Twitter, you are missing out!  Last Friday KNN offered a savings coupon for “KNN Facebook Fan Appreciation Day,” and we were excited to see folks register and SAVE on upcoming events.  We’ll be doing more of these and I don’t want you to miss these opportunities, so if you are on Facebook and/or Twitter, be sure to connect with us and encourage your colleagues to do so as well.

KNN is doing our best to keep you in the loop without overwhelming you with information.  Please let us know how we’re doing.  We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for your interest, membership and support in 2011!

Danielle Clore

Executive Director

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